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Paddle Parties

Celebrate your special day with a “Paddle Party” at the Phoenix Outdoor Centre. These 2 hour sessions can be organised at any mutually convenient time, the most popular being weekends and weekday evenings.

Like almost all of our activities our Paddle Parties are for those aged 9+

We run parties in the below activities. We only have enough time for one activity during a party, if you are looking for a longer session with more activities, please get in touch.

KAYAKING: Single-seat craft, using a double bladed paddle. Everyone gets the thrill of paddling their own kayak and then we join up for a few fun games and a challenge only for the bravest paddlers. Our large range kayaks are able to accommodate people all shapes and sizes.

OPEN CANOEING: Much larger craft that can take 1 -3 paddlers seated or kneeling using a single bladed paddle. A bit of team work needs to develop to get the boat to go where you want it to. Lots of fun and games and some challenges that are not for the feint hearted.

BELL BOATING: A twin hulled boat that can take up to 10 children seated using a single bladed paddle. You provide the power and our Helmsman steers the boat around the reservoir. See the wildlife and have some fun and games on board!

RAFT BUILDING: You need to make sure your ropes are well tied as whatever you make, is what you will be paddling. The assembled raft will be paddled around a course and there may even be a prize for the fastest time!

SUP’s: (Stand-up Paddleboards) Great fun during the warmer time of the year as this involves lots of water contact. Wetsuits are available, if required.

Whichever craft you choose – you will get damp, possibly very wet – don’t forget to bring some dry clothes to go home in!

Party Costs:

£200 for up to 10 participants, £15 per person thereafter.

Paddle parties are 2 hour sessions which includes, briefing, and changing time.

Food is not included but you are welcome to bring your own and use our Clubroom at an extra £20 per 30 minutes.


To book your “Paddle Party” contact:

Centre Activities Manager – Mark Underwood – 07854 655968 / mark@phoenixoutdoorcentre.co.uk

Centre Development Director – Phil Atkinson – 07837 585798 / phil@phoenixoutdoorcentre.co.uk

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