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The Phoenix Canoe Club only use British Canoeing qualified and registered coaches for instructing and leading canoeing activities. All coaches undertake a comprehensive training and assessment course for each level of competence and maintain a current first aid qualification. They are full members of the Club in their own right and give their time freely to teach kayak and canoeing skills.

BC Level 3 Kayak Coaches / BC Whitewater Coach / BCU Level 2 & 4* River Leader
This is the correct grade for a person to be in charge of kayaking activities for a club or school, which includes expeditioning and/or white water Grade II/III.

BC & UKCC Level 2 Kayak Coaches / BC Flatwater Coach
Level 2 coach is the correct grade for a person to be in charge of introducing groups to canoeing, teaching and assessing BC Paddle Discover and Explore Awards, on simple waters in general purpose kayaks designed for use on white water, or in open cockpit canoes or kayaks.

UKCC Level 1 Kayak Coaches / BC Paddlesport Instructor
Level 1 coach is the correct grade for a person to assist other coaches and provide taster sessions

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